Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors

We work hard to exceed the expectation of servicing contractors in the fast pace world in which we live. Our goal is to make them more efficient and productive while still maintaining a high level of quality workmanship.  We accomplish this by emphasizing the importance of field training on installation practices with their crews

Utility Water and Sewer Systems

We specialize in working with local municipalities and utility contractors in wastewater pump systems and hydromechanical grease interceptors.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide direction from the design stage all the way through completion.

Industrial Process Plants

To service this industry it is important to understand the complex nature of industrial process facilities.  We represent some of the highest quality pipe, valve and fitting manufacturers that align with our expectation to deliver for these customers.

Wholesale Distribution

As a manufacturers’ representative, we supply product through our distribution partners.  These companies value our relationship and knowledge as we strive to increase their sales profitability.  We work closely with all aspects of their business from the sales team all the way through management in developing strategic initiatives.


Specifiers are an important part of the process of bringing everything we do together.  We collaborate with them daily on specifying products and systems that are evolving within the plumbing and mechanical industry.  They value our experience and knowledge as we conduct classes and seminars on a regular basis.

Smart Home Leak Detection

Water related damage is the #1 insurance claim filed annually across the country today. We’ve all either been or know someone who has been a victim to a catastrophic leak in their home or business. Streamlabs is a smart home product that will shut the water off into your home if it senses a leak saving you tens of thouands of dollars. It also allows you to control your plumbing system via an app on your smartphone. Contact us today to learn more on how we can protect your home.